For Faculty & Staff

Greenhouse Sign Up Instructions

  • Click the "Greenhouse Sign Up" button (above)

  • You will find there are 30-minute interval time slots between 8:45am-2:45pm

  • Hover over the time slots with your cursor to see the time intervals

  • Click on your desired timeslotIf you need more than 30 minutes, book more than one timeslot.

  • When the "Book an appointment" window pops up, replace the "What" text line with:

6C - Stock
*Homeroom class - teacher last name

  • It is important that we keep the format the same as we sign up on the calendar

  • Click "Save"

  • The timeslot you selected should disappear from the appointment calendar, and appear on the Reservation Calendar and also appear as an event on your own Google Calendar

Greenhouse Sign Up GIF Instructions

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